Field Audit Checklist Tool (FACT) API

The Field Audit Checklist Tool (FACT) API provides access to the data regulated sources submit to the EPA under 40 CFR Part 75 Continuous Emission Monitoring. The API provides access to facility, monitor plan, quality assurance, and emissions data.

Emissions: The emissions API endpoints return the hourly values for the measured parameters, calculated hourly emissions values, and instrument calibration data for a monitoring location described in a facility’s monitoring plan.

Facilities: The facilities API endpoint returns a list of all the regulated facilities. Each facility in the list includes attributes such as the location, monitoring configurations, associated units, and contacts.

MonitoringPlans: The monitoring plan endpoint returns data describing how a facility monitors its emissions. Monitoring plan data define relationships between stacks, pipes, and units. The data also specifies emissions monitoring locations at a facility and identifies the monitoring equipment by detailing individual components. Monitoring plan data also provide operational characteristics and qualifications for certain special types of monitoring. In addition, this endpoint provides quarterly and emissions summaries, unit ownership, and quality assurance certification events and test exemptions.

QATestData: The QATestData endpoints return data describing the tests used to both initially certify and continually ensure that a monitoring system is providing accurate data. For each test the returned data includes summary information (date the test was performed, reason for test, test result, etc.). For some test types, the details of the test will also be returned.